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Safety guidelines and building updates - August 2020 - ongoing

  • Please wear a mask while in any UA campus building including SLHS – Wildcats Mask Together!
  • You may remove your mask for eating/drinking or if you are working in a private office (one person) but you must keep a 6 foot social distance from others.
  • Please follow building signs. The stairwells are now directional
    • North & West stairwells are for DOWN only.
    • South stairwell (main stairs by vending machines) are UP only
    • Exception for patient/client caregiver.
  • IF you have tested positive for COVID and have been in our building in the last two weeks, please inform Kim Sasser at or 621-1644. This is to insure proper building disinfection.  Your identity will be kept confidential.
  • Please wash your hands and use hand sanitizer provided frequently while in the SLHS building.

Cleaning guidelines

  • Classrooms will be cleaned and disinfected daily by custodians. Students may disinfect surfaces between classes using the provided Oxivir spray. Oxivir is safe for hands but gloves are also provided and may be worn if you choose.
  • Cleaning kits have been distributed to high use labs and classrooms. They include Oxivir disinfectant spray, towels, gloves, and hand sanitizer.  Written instructions are included on each kit.

Cleaning instructions for surfaces:

  1. Spray Oxivir Disinfectant Cleaner onto a paper towel
  2. Wipe down all touched surfaces generously
  3. Let the surface air dry
  4. Wash your hands after cleaning

*Gloves may be worn for cleaning but Oxivar is safe for hands
**Please do NOT spray directly onto electronics!

SLHS building custodians are cleaning for health and have provided the below videos to show how this is done. 
Facilities Management Custodial Services has created a culture where the best trained Custodians clean for health, which allows for the University of Arizona buildings to be clean, safe and healthy. Please view our cleaning videos for more information."


  • Research Restart
    • RII Research Restart provides guiding principles and specific research restart procedures.
    • The Research Restart Plan is currently in Phase 3 of a 6-phase restart program. This phase is not a return to pre-pandemic on-campus research, but is a gradual re-opening of some research that is time sensitive. All research that can continue to be carried out remotely should be maintained in that state.
    • All faculty planning to conduct research must complete a Qualtrics checklist based upon their safety assessment of their research program. Checklists may be found on the RII Research Restart webpage. A FAQ page for checklists may be found here
    • Checklists must be approved by the Department Head, then College of Science, and the RII. On campus laboratory research may slowly restart after a checklist has been approved.
  • Teaching - update 
    • The university’s Re-Entry Work Group on Teaching and Learning has developed the following DRAFT summary describing the three delivery modes they plan to utilize for AY21 for those classes which have been traditionally been delivered in-person (i.e., except for classes that are in Arizona Online, or are already iCourses). These three modes will be coded into the course catalog to permit students to make informed choices once we have that information from each department. 
  • Guiding principles proven to prevent the spread of COVID-19:
    • Do not leave your home if you’re ill except to receive medical care.
    • Wear a mask when you’re in public near others.
    • Stay six feet away from others.
    • Wash your hands frequently.
    • Wipe down surfaces that may be infected.
    • Avoid gatherings of 10 or more people.


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  • NIH Flexibilities Available to Applicants and Recipients of Financial Assistance affected by COVID-19 [Link]

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